Wednesday, 14 November 2018

My Autumn Must Haves!

If you're like me and a bit broke 99% of the time, you like to buy something, and wear it to death. I'm not out here buying a new outfit weekly thats fo sho. So I have decided to show you my autumn/winter must haves and wear to get them.
Apologies, this isnt a well curated shoot of all my faves, its mainly pictures that my 5 year old daughter has taken.

Hat: This hat was actually a hand me down from a dear pal who also essentially offloaded half of all the clothes she owns onto me, which I am forever grateful for. However, I did find a super similar one for £10.99 from ASOS. Click here to buy

Jacket: Like 99% of my jackets, this is from Zara, but it was a birthday present probably two years ago, and ive absolutely worn it to death and will continue to do so until it falls apart. Zara's basic leather jackets are really quite cheap and durable, Ive got this one, a pink one, a red one and a studded one that have all worn really really well. The similar one I found, in my opinion is actually a tad nicer than this one, and its just £49.99, which is a total investment. Click here to buy. 

Dress: Ok so, I've been coveting this dress for a while, I absolutely love leopard print at the moment and couldnt really justify buying it until I sold some bits on my depop (@alexandralovesx). Every woman in their right mind already has it, and so should they, its fucking great. P.S sorry to my older sister who I have 100% copied. Its £39.99 so a bit of a spenny spend for me, but its super versatile and I might do a video on all the different ways I wear it. Click here to buy 

Boots:  Dr Martens Jadons. The boots of dreams. I wanted these for YEARS and probably cried when they were discontinued, but then they re released them last year (I think) and my poor long suffering boyfriend practically travelled the whole of London just to find a pair in my size for christmas because he really is the best human in the world, will add he did have a small bit of guidance from my all seeing eye Charlotte Moran who knows what I like inside out. They are in stock on the Dr Martens and Dolls Kill website in some sizes, and if you do a hunt you'll usually find a pair, unless you are a size 4, then its impossible apparently. They are £169, super comfortable and I wear them every single day pretty much. Click here to buy

Beret: I've been looking for a nice plain red beret for a while and found one on Asos for £9.99, an absolute steal and its not too orange -red or pink-red either. Click here to buy. 

Polo neck: Monki for me is a bit hit and miss, Im not a huge fan of patterns, and I dont always like the shapes, but I am a fan of their knitwear and polo necks, which are far by the tightest ones I have found that don't sag around the neck, which is a winner winner chicken diner for me as I have a neck like a lolly pop stick. Its £15 and you can click here to buy.

Belt: After my very lovey friend Ryan borrowed and never gave back my daily black belt, I did what anyone would do, and insisted he buy me a new one. This one is in fact actually nicer than the last one, and probably a quid or two more spenny but he wont read this so, serves you right for stealing my clothes. I can't find the exact same one, but Topshop do a similar one for £22 which you can click here to buy. 

Jeans: Full disclosure, I was gifted these jeans from Levis, but I absolutely love them and another pair I was gifted by Ragged Priest (click here). Ive been wearing 501's forever and they really are the most durable jean, and I HATE spending loads of money on jeans for some reason, but if you are to invest, invest in some 501's. They are top end and £130, but I'd marry these jeans. Click here to buy. 

Shoes: I am fast realising that a lot of clothes I wear daily were presents from years ago and these leopard print converse are no different. I *think* and I'll probably get an annoyed text if im wrong, that these shoes were bought for a friends flavour of the month, and when it didnt work out before he could give them to her, he gave them to me. In all fairness I bloody love them though, and they were the first leopard print I had! So thanks Tobes! I found them on Ebay for £22.50! Bargs for something that literally makes so many outfits interesting! Click here to buy.

Hat: Ive been wearing this hat for five years, so its super battered and out of shape from being shoved into various suitcases etc, and I cant remember where its from, but i'm a firm believer that a fedora should be in everyones closet. You can get a nice cheap one for £15(!!!) on Asos thats also adjustable if you have a tiny shrew's head like me. Click here to buy.  

Jumper: Ok, so this is my jumper of the season, I absolutely live in it, and its a bit cropped so perfect if like me, you often wear high waisted everything because I had a baby in the last ten years and I cant quite manage to talk myself into the gym yet. Dont let the picture fool you, as the bottom half is Navy, not black, and its actually become one of those items where I have to get all my blue or red jeans/trousers out to wear which has completely pushed me out of my comfort zone which I like to do now and again. Its £25 and you can Click here to buy. 

Top: Yay for toilet selfies! This is a pretty thin jumper that I 10000% copied from my friend Polly who it looks infinitely better on! It's cheap as chips for £14.99 from H&M and also comes in a couple of other colour ways. Click here to buy.

Belt: Same as above

Trousers: These are probably my favourite trousers at the moment. Only £19.99, so comfortable and room for when youve had two sunday roasts in a row and you can't really move but you're ok enough to not have to undo the top button. Click here to buy. 

Shoes: I have no idea where you can get these flame Vans anymore unfortunately, you'll for sure be able to find some on depop or ebay, but Im actually wearing the checkboard slip ons way more than any other shoe this season, I for some reason dont have a good photo of an outfit wearing them. Minimal effort to take on and off which is everything I could ever ask for in a shoe tbh. Click here to see if they take your fancy.

Sorry its not a bit more concise with a nice photoshoot of all the same kind of image with me looking all fancy pants but you gotsa work with what ya got! Very soon I'll be using the inthestyle app which will let you shop my insta pics, as I get so many people messaging me to find out where I get things, and I'm always happy to share the wealth.

Alexandra x


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