Thursday, 3 December 2015

This evening, I'm ashamed to be British.

This evening, our government, formally known as 'the people's voice,' voted to join with Russia and the US to start air strikes on Syria. Meanwhile, thousands crowded onto Parliament Square protesting just that. Were they listened to? No. Were the hundreds of thousands of people who signed the petition listened to? Absolutely not, in fact, the 'impartial' speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, former Husband to 'that' women that kept flashing herself around Parliament and had a brief, incredibly embarrassing stint on celebrity big brother, mocked the petition as a whole.

The current war in Syria is not a simple one, and is impossible to be described in Layman's terms. In short, its reported, it's president, Assad started fighting against his own people in retaliation to them pretty much not being happy with his regime. The people he was fighting were essentially the 'rebels' and you may remember when we voted against arming these people, which technically we ended up arming anyway. These rebels became fractioned off and some would say this was when IS sort of started, which isn't true as that in itself started as a tangent of Taliban jihads, but they in turn became a greater force than the actual rebels and now the rebels are fighting them too.
The problem is that its widely reported that Assad is using chemical weapons. There's definitely been chemical attacks but everyone is blaming each other. That's up for you to decide.

It is however, imperative to try and realise that this war we are entering into is not one to protect Syria's people. How do we say we are protecting them whilst they watch our bombs land on their homes, schools and hospitals. How are we protecting them from the need they feel to flee and travel on the 'death boats' across the tumultuous sea, in which they will most likely die anyway, if not from the cruel mistress of the waters but from having to live in a camp with next to no hygiene implements, below freezing temperatures and limited aid. We are not protecting them, we might as well be writing their eulogies, "The promised to protect me, but they killed me instead."

This will not stop IS. This will only give them more reason to increase their horrific crimes onto others, and the west will be prime targets. We are not safer, and the country as a whole will degenerate within that. In the last year religious hate crimes and especially anti-Muslim crimes have soared in the years since Lee Rigby was murdered. Just last month a man was pushed in front of a tube because he was Muslim. Luckily, the perpetrator, an 80 something year old man was a second too late.
The prejudice in this country will continue to grow, and the pain these people will feel of not being accepted will only make it easier for extremists to radicalise, its almost an employment tactic.
In October, the pig lover himself said, "Russia's bombing in Syria will only lead to further radicalisation and increased terrorism," and yet here we are, about to go and do just that.

To the 397 members of parliament who are supposed to represent us, I am ashamed. You have successfully made your own people ashamed to be British. You do not represent me, and you can call pacifists 'terrorist sympathisers' all you want, but I would much rather be known as someone who believes in human beings and believes that nobody deserves to die, than have the blood of the people I'm supposed to protect on my own fingertips.

I'll be going to my bed this evening broken hearted. Broken for the people we are about to cowardly murder, and for the future of this country and what we are leaving for the next generations. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

I leave you with this song;
Black Sabbath - War Pigs. 

"Politicians hide themselves away, 
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
The leave that role to the poor.
Time will tell on their power minds, 
Making war just for fun, 
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
Wait 'till their judgement day comes"


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  1. Thank you - couldn't have said it any better. This day will mark the start of a hideous series of events. All they have done is make it easier for ISIL to convince their followers of the wickedness of the west. This won't prevent a Paris-like retaliation it will increase its' likelihood 😢


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