Thursday, 17 September 2015

Don't call me crazy.

 I'm an over sharer, not sad about it either. It's just who I am, and thinking about it, I do also like to see people's reactions to things they don't have the balls to talk about. Slightly sadistic maybe but hey ho. I don't have any qualms writing how I feel about things, no fear here in that respect.

However, something I really don't agree with is feeling as if I have to censor myself and I've received some lets say, 'comments' that have implied that I possibly may discuss too openly matters of my mental well being.

Well, to you I bid farewell and an added go fuck yourself.
2/3 people have some form of mental illness and something mad like 90% of the worlds population will at one time suffer from mental illness. So why shouldn't I talk about it? Because it could affect my wish to have shared custody of my daughter seems to be the resounding answer from these 'people'.

What a crock of shit. How is it possible for people to still think that they can use mental health as a basis that someone is or is not fit enough to parent. It's not accepted in a court of law unless it also has a side salad of substance abuse , violence or sexual abuse. So why does Joe public think that it's OK to use it against someone? WHY!

Does it really matter so much to always seem to be fine on the outside? It's OK not to be OK you know. I personally much prefer having relationships with people who are open about their issues, what's the point in hiding them? Never ever let anyone tell you that how you're feeling is not OK.

For example, many people know that I've got ADD so my brain essentially is thinking about so many things at once all the time and quite often reaches quite irrational conclusions which leads to other issues which leads to depression. It's also no secret that me and my weight haven't always been the best of pals back in the day, but being conscious of these issues and open about them makes all the difference, and I think that if anyone wasn't so  scared about other people's fucking perception of them or the way they feel then the world might just get on a bit better. 

My point is that none of these things make me or anyone a bad parent. Just because we are vocal about the struggle doesn't make any of us any less capable than anyone else. 

Talk to someone, communicate. There are people that understand and although at times, (this has been one of my biggest issues) you don't feel deserving of people's care, or that you can't contemplate why anyone would give two shits about you, there is. 
At the end of the day, we've all been shitty humans at some point, we are all full of contradictions and we're all just looking for someone who's demons play well with our own, so celebrate it. 

You are who you are and that's pretty good. Unless you're someone like Hitler, not so good. 

If you are someone that doesn't have a clue about mental health and like to take the piss out of people that might think a bit differently to you, then go to You might even find something out about yourself.

*Disclaimer* I have written this at 2am when very tired, there's a strong chance it makes no sense. 


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  1. I love your frank honesty Alex. In a world where everyone has an "angle" and even the BBC "spin" news stories it is hugely refreshing to read your honest accounts 💖


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