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10 Of My Favourite Records.

Good evening! I have recently been asked on my tumblr  to do a post on my favourite albums. I really like the idea of doing this as music is something that so important to me, although narrowing it down is going to be HARD and I listen to so many different genres. So I think I'll just keep it to some of the most pivotal records in my life maybe? 

1. Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare 
My parentals broke up when I was 7 I believe and I must have spent years of my life on the hour drive from my Mums to my Dads, and I would always put this on in the car. If you have read my previous blog you would know that the song 'Only Women Bleed' is my all time favourite and its from this album. I remember those car journeys so well, mainly because the way back was always the saddest and I found so much comfort from the music my Dad would put on, which if I remember was either this, The Pretenders - Pretenders, Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense, every Ian Dury and The Blockheads record, any Pink Floyd record (we'll get to that later) and Supertramp's Breakfast in America. Im sure there's a lot more and I do still know every word to 10CC's clockwork creep that I'm sure my Dad ended up hating after the fourth time playing it in a row. 

2. The Offspring - Conspiracy of One.

Having a new older brother and sister was pretty hard to adjust to when I was a kid, and I didn't always find many things in common with them and my sister probably didnt talk to me for two years after I broke the head off her sporty spice doll and I feel like we really all did start bonding when Tom got this album. It was the first punk record I'd been introduced to, I only really listened to prog rock and whatever my dad had put on and I just remember thinking that this was the best music I had ever listened to, and when you're 8 that's a pretty big thing. I remember being in the back of the car with everyone holding the album sleeve trying to sing along to the lyrics. We ended up getting every other record that The Offspring ever made and to this day they definitely remain one of my favourite bands and I hold them so personally because of the change it made to my relationship with my kin, and well, because they are mint. 

3. Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. 

Now, I don't really feel like I need to say much about this record. I don't understand why people don't like Brand New. This is my favourite record of theirs and its quite close between this and Deja Entendu ( I still think that Guernica has the best first 6 seconds of any song ever). When I went through my first big heartbreak I listened to this on repeat, and when I was with him to be honest I listened to this on repeat, its seen me through so much and I know so many other people that also feel the same about it and even though I guess in a way I do still associate it with that person, it doesn't make me feel negatively about it. Anyway, Limousine is in my personal opinion the best song on it and everyone should listen to it at least once a week. 

4. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle 

When I was 18, someone very important in my life died and I didn't really know how to cope with it. If you knew me then, you can confirm that I was probably the worst person you've ever met. I had spent the last few years being a wicked sick chav and kind of hanging around with good people but people that didnt really have the same interests as me and I had isolated myself from most of my actual friends and it was only when my friend died that it really made me wake up and see that I had to change. The pain and rawness of him dying was so overwhelming and well, it still is, probably always will be. This is the record I sat and listened to every single day until I could come out the other side of it. I remember sitting in my mums kitchen and kicking all my friends out and putting this on and really just crying and I think that was the first time I realised he was dead and not coming back. He listened to drum and bass so would have hated this record and probably thought I was being emo or something. So if someone you know has just died and you're feeling really pretty fucking sad about it then I encourage you to listen to this, especially the track 'As Dust Dances,' or 'Just Boy' which is from a different record but its the song I want played at my funeral. 

5. Listener - Wooden Heart.

I cant actually remember how I came across listener, I think it was on Youtube randomly of a video of them in some tiny basement and there was so much energy and commitment from the singer, it was really quite captivating. His words really permeate with me and its one of those records like The Devil and God that I've listened to through every major 'indecent' in my life. I dont really know how to describe it to be honest, you just have to listen and i'm sure you'll get it. I've never seem them live though which sucks balls. Whenever theyve been playing near me I've ended up in hospital or something ridiculous like that.

6. De La Soul - The Best Of

I grew up in a small town in Somerset, and went to private school so urban music wasn't exactly a common listen however I did really like Beastie Boys, but when my Step Dad moved into my Mums it was a pretty turbulent time, and he bought me this and Gorillaz Clint Eastwood maybe to make me like him. Although that plan didn't work and I still didn't understand why he was there and my Dad wasn't, he did introduce me to all this music that I've loved every since. He's from the north and generally only listens to crap like Elbow or The Stone Roses but because Mother was a Class A cougar and he was pretty young he was really into 90's hip hop. So I ended up stealing all his CD's which probably only made him dislike me more, Soz Sean. However it really opened my life up to artists like Outkast, N.W.A, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde etc. 

7. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

I LOVE JIMMY EAT WORLD and I've spent so much of time pissing about back and forth from various parts of America and this has always been what I'm listening to while I was travelling anywhere. On the metro, greyhound (never ever ever get that), amtrak, flights, tour, anything, this was always what I would listen to and I have so many great memories from being there and listening to this. Also when Angels and Kings was open, (is it still open?) on a Sunday there was a live band called the sex havers or something random like that and they would always cover at least three songs and it would always be my favourite time of the week when I could go there and see that. It just never fails to make me happy and put me in a good mood. It's definitely what I want to listen to when I want to go on an adventure, which in all fairness is most of the time. 

8. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.

This is another one that's down to my Dad. I could listen to this every day until the end of my life. Without stating the obvious it always makes me think of all the people I've lost in life and all the people that I miss terribly. Although my dad did once tell me that he had a dream once that I died 'doing something stupid' and that they played shine on you crazy diamond at the funeral. The idea of that made me quite sad but also made me feel quite close to my Dad, this whole album does actually. The big man himself was actually in the process of collecting all the pink floyd vinyl he could find for me (he has them all himself and wont share). So this ones always for you Padre the Great. 

9. Portishead - Dummy.

There's a lot of Mark Tomlin specials in this list I have realised, which is understandable as he is the person who's introduced music to me. This is one of them. He always says that Beth Gibbons has the most interesting voice he's ever heard, although I'm quite sure hes said the same about Janis Joplin too. I love this record for so many reasons, the biggest one is that its something I can go to when I'm felling really quite shite and it always seems to help give me some clarity. I really love music that is mysterious and has elements of magic to it, and this is full of it. I've never not listened to it and not had goosebumps. If I took drugs I think I'd like to do them then listen to this. I've found myself listening to roads quite a lot at the moment and relating to it. 

10. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours.

My writing is so important to me, creativily, I can do lots of different things, I can make things, I can draw, I can play instruments but the only thing i've found that actually makes me happy and gives me something is my writing. For a long time, and probably why this blog went doormant for a long time is that I felt so uninspired and didnt write anything for about 6 months. I think thats a product of unhappiness of the environment I was in, but whenever I haven't had any type of block I always listen to this to feel inspired. There's something so special about Fleetwood Mac, they are like magic, true magic. My favourite Fleetwood Mac song is Tusk, which isnt on this album though. I love American Horror Story and the fact that Coven was so heavily inspired by them just reiterated how much I love them. The song You Make Loving Fun is the best one on this record though, it makes me want to be in love with someone and live in Verona.

I've got so many records that I adore that this list could be 100 strong given half a chance, but I hope you enjoy these just as much as I do. 

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  1. JFY would have hated your listening to Biffy Clyro but it makes me want to give that album a go - or maybe just those 2 tracks...
    Tusk is also my fav Fleetwood Mac song. Maybe we are twins? If so I need to
    offload your share of the sororal blubber - I have been lugging it about for years 😜


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