Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Macaroon Recipe.

Now, if you follow me on any of my social media, you'll know that I seemed to spend the majority of december making macaroons. I'm no Michel Roux, but they haven't turned out bad!

What you need -

•  PENCIL  •

For the macaroons -

•  250g icing sugar  •
•  250g ground almonds  •
•  5 egg whites  •
•  225g caster sugar  •
•  food colouring powder/paste  •

For the macaroon buttercream filling -

•  150g softened butter  •
•  300g icing sugar  •
•  few drops of food colouring liquid  •

It's very important that you have all your ingredients already weighed and in the case of the eggs, separated out as time is of the essence in macaroon making and if you leave anything too long it all, quite frankly, goes to shit.

1. Pre-heat oven to 160. Line 3-4 baking trays with greaseproof paper and draw around your circle (preferably smaller than a tea-light) and repeat. make sure theres around an inch between them.

2. Add ground almonds and icing sugar to a mixing bowl, mix with your hands or in a food processor until even.

3. In a separate mixing bowl/ electric mixer add the egg whites and mix using an electric whisk on a high speed until stiff peaks form, slowly add the caster sugar until the mixture is glossy and stiff peaks are once again visible.

4. FOLD in your almond and icing sugar mixture using a metal spoon. Take your time and try and keep as much air as possible and when it looks like an even mixture add a small amount of food colouring powder or paste. I used the liquid and it hardly makes a difference so you need something more prominent. It's vital that this is the last ingredient you add.

5. Decant your mixture into your piping bag and revisit your baking trays. Aim the nozzle on the paper in the middle of the circle (stay as close to the paper as possible) and squeeze until your circle is filled. Don't move around when you squeeze, stay in the same position as it wont have the right consistency.

6. Once all your circles are filled, draw more if you have more mixture. And leave to set for just over an hour. After the hour is finished, add to the oven for 15-18 minutes. Then leave to cool for around 30 minutes.

7. Whilst cooling, make your buttercream icing. Add the butter to a mixing bowl and whisk at a high speed until a smooth paste is formed. This may take a while so be patient. Then add the icing sugar and food colouring slowly until its once again a smooth paste.

8. Now the macaroons should be cooled and come off the paper with ease, if it stuck to the bottom just leave it a little longer. Paste the icing onto the bottom of one macaroon and sandwich together with another.
 photo TOMLINRGB-12_zpsc537f195.png  photo TOMLINRGB-13_zpsc8d19b34.png  photo TOMLINRGB-14_zps8f568b39.png
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