Sunday, 10 November 2013

Steam burns, cook responsibly.

So, i'm an idiot. Last night I was supposed to be having a chilled saturday evening with a nice easy meal. It didn't end that way.
Who would even think about testing how hot a plastic tray is from taking it straight out the microwave with bare hands? Not me. 
As i liften the large chicken paella filled tray from the microwave I did not anticipate it being hotter than the sun. I steam burnt my whole hand and then fell backwards throwing boiling food all over myself and falling over. 
Luckily all was not lost as some of the food stayed in the tray and didn't end up all over the floor/myself which I was very happy about as I'd only consumed two bananas all day and I had to fight someone in Tesco's for the last microwaveable treat.
My index and middle finger are all blistered and obviously its on my writing hand so great times really.
Send me good vibes.

As you can see I'm also currently watching Kindergarten Cop. A win for us all. 

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Alexandra Loves x

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